145 Repair Station

Fast Turnaround 

Aviation Maintenance


Use Central American Airways Maintenance for all your regular general aviation maintenance needs. We quickly handle every maintenance task from basic brake checks to annual inspections.


Don’t let your aircraft sit in a maintenance facility for months on end waiting for someone to look at it. We’ll get your aircraft back to peek performance as quickly and safely as possible.


Pre-Purchase Inspections

A pre-purchase inspection can literally save you thousands of dollars and provide you with a clear picture of what you’re buying. We have the expertise to conduct pre-purchase inspections on general aviation singles, twins, and sport planes.


100-Hour Inspections

You can’t afford to have your airplane sitting on the ground waiting for a 100-hour inspection. Our team specializes in performing rapid and efficient 100-hour inspections. We perform multiple 100 hour inspections weekly.


Annual Inspections

When your aircraft needs an annual inspection there’s no better place to bring it than Texas Aircraft Maintenance. We’ll go through every aspect of your aircraft and have it back up and running right away.

Private Aircraft

Aircraft Parts

As an authorized service facility for numerous types of aircraft, Central American Airways (CAA) is able to provide the correct parts for aircraft. Our team provides a customer-focused approach to help you get the right parts to fit your aircraft’s requirements. 

Our team of licensed and experienced mechanics is able to install parts to ensure performance and safety. We can also perform inspections to confirm that your aircraft is airworthy after receiving new parts.